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Top 10 QMS Software for 2020 by Industry

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 General Manufacturing1. 1factory is a QMS software that a company can go with for the “bare necessities”. It has key features such as compliance management, work order management, instrument management, and analytics. The only thing it lacks, as far as basic core features, is label printing. The learning curve is present but not too steep for new users to get over. Lastly, the customer service at 1factory is stellar which will come in handy if you run into any issues. 1factory costs $50/month per user. Life Sciences & Bio-Med Life sciences and bio-med is arguably the toughest industry for a QMS software to cover — as well as the most crucial. Therefore, bare bones QMS software won’t cut it for this industry. You’ll need to complete suite of compliance tools. 2. Dot Compliance fits the bill. It manages all the usual areas such as documents, training, complaints, and risks. However, with Quality 4.0 in mind, it goes the extra mile by incorporating elements of big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, clinical trials, and batch control. Designed to answer the needs of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing operations, Dot Compliance is a cloud-based service, making it a breeze to deploy. The Salesforce integration also provides significant value beyond to the whole organization.    The pricing scheme built to scale with each manufacturer’s unique needs. This is especially attractive to smaller manufacturers looking to grow their business through a gradual digital transformation of their operations. Dot Compliance’s suite of quality management and compliance solutions actually make it compatible for any industry. However, we won’t leave you without options to choose from. Food & Beverage The food and beverage industry is a tricky one to tackle since poor quality management can quickly lead to FDA approval being revoked. 3. SafetyChain provides plentiful features and an intuitive interface. The back-end system is also very easy to learn and operate.It will take some practice to get the hang of the task scheduler but the functionality it provides is usually worth it in the long run. SafetyChain will cost you $7,500 per year but you can always use the free trial before committing to the paid plan. Hospitality & Environmental Health 4. Inspect2GO has all the essential features that you’d need in the hospitality and environmental health industries. It includes all the primary features that you’d need such as evidence gathering, inspections, documentation, and field data.The software even supports custom integrations which makes the platform more versatile than its competitors.Pricing details aren’t publicly listed on their site so you’ll need to contact Inspect2GO directly to get a quote for your business. Automotive & Aerospace In the automotive and aerospace industries, a physical crash will also lead to a crash in the stocks. That’s why you need the perfect QMS software monitoring all aspects of manufacturing. 5. Beacon Quality has been around automotive & aerospace — including defense — since the 80s. Such longevity usually means they know their customers but can sometimes mean a lack of innovation. Despite that, Beacon Quality offers risk management, defect tracking, and supplier quality control in its features list. Its CAPA system mitigates the number of incidences while its compliance management capabilities help you stay in line with all the relevant regulations. Job Shops Job shops manufacture a new type of product for each project. This means that they’ll need a uniquely flexible solution. One that can adjust depending on the specific product, client or niche. 6. E2 Shop System was built with Job Shops in mind. Order management, supply chain management, and its CRM are all very useful for staying on top of your client base. Distribution management, inventory management, project management, and analytics also help with logistics. There’s no listed price so you’ll need to request a quote. Construction & Engineering Poor quality management in construction and engineering can lead to disastrous results.    7. Assure-IT ensures that your buildings don’t lean unless you’re recreating the Tower of Pisa. Equipment management, compliance management, and defect tracking are all included. Prices aren’t listed on the website so you’ll have to schedule a demo and get a quote that way. One of the unique benefits of Assure-IT is the fact that it has mobile apps for both Android and iOS operating systems. Oil & Gas There’s no arguing that the global oil and gas markets are absolutely massive, but this flammable industry needs the support of top-notch QMS software. 8. Accupoint has Defect tracking, maintenance management, and risk management that prevent ignitions. Other features such as training management, document control, compliance management, and ISO standards management are also critical in the oil and gas industry. Scheduling a demo is the only way to get a quote since there’s no tiered pricing model on the Accupoint website. Agriculture 9. FarmSoft’s app helps you with everything from labeling to order tracking and even inventory management. If you’re dealing with fresh produce then FarmSoft is a good choice for your quality assurance stack. The software also includes traceability functions so that you can handle a recall with ease if such a situation arises. Farmsoft is another solution with customized pricing available upon request. Medical Cannabis    Experts predict that the global cannabis market will grow to a staggering $66 billion in the next five years. As regulators are gradually developing and adopting standards for cultivation, manufacturing and distribution of cannabis products, it’s essential to have robust QMS software in place. One such solution is: 10. C15 Solutions. Beyond the usual QMS features such as compliance and deviation management, C15 also offers features such as asset management, audit trails, and customizable workflows. The platform will even train your new employees and provide annual product reviews. To find out the cost of C15, you will need to request a quote after scheduling a demo of the application.

Top 10 QMS Software for 2020 by Industry

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