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Hygiene Standards in the time of COVID-19

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In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are taking precautionary measures to help minimise the chances of the spread. Given that we take the safety of our members seriously, we have taken proactive steps to ensure hygiene.Enter our centres and the first thing you will find is alcohol-based hand sanitizers placed at the entry point and various places inside. Since our centres are visited by vendors and guests, we've ensured to put a thermal scan in place. The thermal scanner will check the body temperature. Anybody with a body temperature above 99.0 °F will be directed to nearest health care centre for a precautionary check-up. We've have placed our measures in tandem with WHO's guidelines. All our centres are continuously sanitized. We are also sanitizing door handles and work desks every hourSince lifts are confined office space in hyderabad where buttons are pressed with bare fingers, you will also find a simple yet effective tool which is aimed at reducing contact. A sponge plugged with multiple toothpicks is placed next to the buttons in the lifts so that members use that instead of their finger. A plastic cup placed can be to throw the toothpicks. You will also find display posters promoting hand-washing and social distancing in the lifts.We have specific areas dedicated to quarantine if any of our community members need assistance. Our housekeeping staff, security and Workafella executives are continually trained to wear a mask, wash hands frequently and are informed about the best practices in safety and hygiene.A reiteration of the precautionary measures include: Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are placed at the entry point and inside the centre.A deep cleaning is done at all our centres.Our housekeeping staff have increased the frequency of the cleaning schedule at the centre.All our centres are continuously sanitized. We will also be sanitizing door handles and work desks.A Thermal scanner will be present at all our centres. This will check the body temperature.All vendors and visitors will have to get a thermal scan check done. Workafella executives, security and housekeeping staff will be wearing masks.We’ve also issued advisory to our community members asking them to visit the nearest health centre if they show symptoms.We hope to bring about positive change during this time. Together let's stay calm and safe.

Hygiene Standards in the time of COVID-19

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